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Crystal Germond

Founder & Maven-in-Chief        


Hey there! I'm Crystal Germond, founder and Maven-in-Chief of Heart n' Stomach. After more than nine years of business development, event production, digital story telling, and public relations I started this firm to offer hard-working people like yourself something unique: intentional, personalized marketing and public relations services built on creativity and fueled by collaboration.

We believe our approach is as important as our experience or know-how...that's where the name comes from. The Heart is the intent: to pursue delightful excellence in whatever forms it takes and pay that "skip a beat" experience forward. The Stomach is the hard work- the grit and grind. 

Instinct ("gut feelings"), passion, relationships, experiences...this is the stuff that excites and connects us. "Kinda about (blank) but mostly about people." I've written content, produced events, and engaged audiences and communities on behalf of brands across the retail, education, health care, hospitality and innovation industries-- the strategies change and the focus shifts but at the end of the day its all about people. This stuff is kinda about brands but mostly about people. Life is experiences, and most of the meaningful ones involve something or someone outside ourselves.

Thanks for checking this thing out. I'm glad you're here and hope to share what you're creating. Please say hi on Twitter or contact me so we can get to work.