A very topical edition of Coolhunting! 

Ah boy, the holidays. Let's just acknowledge for a moment that despite the glitter and soft lighting and forced cheer of chain store ads its a pretty heavy time of year. Expectations! Obligations! Family stuff! 

To break up the monotony of blog gift guides let's slip the debit card back into the JFolds and honor one of the truly beautiful notions of the season: delight. 

Local: My lady Shelby aka Lady Gouda introduced me to Eat Boutique and man, its been the gift that keeps on giving. This weekend you can meet the small-batch makers behind Salt Traders Vanilla Sea Salt (my purchase last year- they sold me on the idea of eating vanilla-y butternut squash on the regular), Union Square Donuts, and Cuppow at the Fringe Union/Eat Boutique Holiday Pop Up.  **Extra, extra! It was at last year's Eat Boutique that another friend of the blog, San, debuted The Coffee Trike! He's just been nominated for Zagat's "30 Under 30." What a year- congrats, buddy! 

Casually leave this baby up on your screen at the coffee shop 

Casually leave this baby up on your screen at the coffee shop 

Design: Jessica Jones, a graphic/textile designer, is the creative force behind the blog How About Orange, She shares freebies like fonts and backgrounds in addition to DIY tutorials (if that's your thing) with a peppering of renovation diary posts (wallpaper swoon!). Check out her recent compilation of holiday wallpaper downloads (aww, reindeer). 

Party Tricks: When you rebelliously wear a beautiful sweater to that ugly sweater party you're going to have to redeem yourself somehow. Tuck a little clementine in your purse with a vile of olive oil and bum a match from that handsome stranger and voila! You've got yourself a candle, girl.