Antidote is our series of recipes designed to nourish not the wantings of the stomach, but that of the heart and/or mind

Serves 1

You’ll need: 

  • a hunk of stale bread
  • at least one clove of garlic
  • two cups of broth (any kind)
  • olive oil
  • a few sprigs of parsley
  • crisp, clean lettuce
  • an outspoken cheese (feta, parmesan…)

Turn off your phone. Clear your table. Set out the first two bowls you find. 

Slice or chop garlic as you do. Add to a medium pot over medium low heat. Pour olive oil to cover. Allow garlic to speak and smell fragrant, then add the broth. Taste, salt, and let simmer until you can’t tell where the broth begins and the garlic ends. Remove from heat. Close your eyes and let it steam in to your pores. 

Tear or chop the lettuce and place in one of the bowls. Crumble or grate cheese on top until it looks right. Add lots of pepper and a pinch of salt. Top with at least a drizzle of olive oil. 

Place stale bread in the other bowl. Pluck parsley leaves from stems and chop. Pour broth over bread (it will float). Sprinkle with parsley. 

Enjoy while sitting.