Still on the fence about whether to attend tonight’s Boston Cake Experiment (6-9 PM at the Middle East Downstairs)? Or maybe you’ve marked your calendar but aren’t sure what to expect? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve got an exclusive preview of just a few of tonight’s cake-testants. Whoever wins will advance to the National Championship in Brooklyn, and, of course, earn major swagger.  It’s gonna be sswwweeettt. 

Team name: Banana Bellies 
Savory or sweet?  Sweet
The lowdown: "Locally sourced strawberry rhubarb and amaranth cake" 

Team name: Wine Among Friends- who has been chronicling the experience of finding and making the perfect cake on their blog of the same name. Check it out for a great insider’s view on a part of the competition we eaters wouldn’t get to see
Savory or sweet?  Sweet…we think
The lowdown: "It will be the essence of orange" 

Team name: The Big Kahuna 
Savory or sweet?  Sweet
The lowdown: "The Luau Crasher: a pineapple rum cheese cake with pineapple curd and fried Spam on top!!!" 

Team name: Liz Squared
Savory or sweet?  Both! 
The lowdown: "Michelada cupcakes inspired by the thirst-quenching cocktail. They’ll be a sweet, savory with a hint of heat."

Team name: Nomsense
Savory or sweet?  Sweet
The lowdown: "The Flour Power…will include cheese, but you’ll have to guess where." 

Team name: Gourmand and Twin (yes, these brothers are really twins)
Savory or sweet?  Sweet
The lowdown: "The Sophisticake: a ‘wine and cheese’ cake with brie cheese cake, cherry black pepper jam wine jam, chocolate mousse, and a graham cracker crust." 

Team name: Food Allors- Returning champs! Hope and Josh won last year’s Pie Experiment
Savory or sweet?  Savory
The lowdown: "A goat cheesecake with an unsweetened graham cracker crust." 

Team name: The Tropical Cake Master
Savory or sweet?  Sweet
The lowdown: "A banana and coconut cake" 

So there you have it, just a few of tonight’s competitors. Who will be crowned the King or Queen of Cake? Will it be Food Allors, last year’s champions, or new comers Liz Squared or Gourmand and Twin? Either way, we’re gonna have fun finding out. Fun with cake. And beer. And community. See you there! 

Image via The Food Experiment