I suppose there comes a time, a season, when every blog writer feels the need to apologize for a lack of, well, writing. This is one of those posts. Kind of.

As a girl who grew up in the wilds of upstate New York, I live my life seasonally. Environment has always had a profound effect on my mood, outlook, and actions for as long back as I remember. In the scrapbook of my mind are snapshots of carefree, adventure filled summer days followed by a slightly anxiety- producing transition in to what is ultimately a very grounding autumn. The transition from one season is stressful, as all change is. This time of year, a season of change, is a home coming. Summer’s adventures, even if they existed only in spirit, come to an end along with the long days. The pace of life quickens in an odd way, a necessary way signaling there is a work to be done. Classes to return to. Preparations to be made. Crops to be harvested.

Therein lies the quiet danger of change- the potential that work might overshadow the beauty of transition. Fall is my favorite time of year for many reasons, but for this one in particular. It is a challenge that seems reflective of life itself: how to do what needs to be done, how to reflect and work and plan, while also living in the moment?

And what does all this have to do with a food blog? Well, like friendship it seems a blog must be fed. It must be paid attention to. It requires work, I think, to be done well. And yet I think to have anything valuable to say one must also experience and those two acts, writing and experiencing, rarely happen simultaneously. When talking to a friend today about the guilt of not writing, my friend sighed in acknowledgment. “There’s too much to be apologetic about,” she said. Having someone say that out loud made me realize that while it is true it can also just as easily not be true. Why feel bad? At times I was in the moment. At times changes called for work that took up so much time and energy I had little left over for myself, let alone others  (I’ve both started a new job and a part-time graduate program in the last few months). At the same time, my dear friend Kait has begun her new (old) life in Lincoln, Nebraska. She is doing wonderful things like starting a coffee pop-up and soon to be cafe (more on that soon). Our little blog that started as a way for us to keep in touch has taken on new meaning for the both of us. While I will continue to write Kait will not. She is on to bigger and better things, or at least endeavors that feed her better than this blog can, and as her friend I am both deeply proudly and supportive of her.

In short, life has been happening.

So back to food, just as much a tangible pleasure as it is a metaphor. Food commands reverence beyond the nourishment it provides because it is also one of the most powerful symbols of change. It demonstrates that nothing lasts forever (unless it’s a Twinkie, I guess) and change is not good or bad. It is just the process of one thing becoming another. So we might as well embrace it, unapologetically.


To help you discover the pleasure in change, the above link (click on post title) will bring you to a beautiful info-graphic (what else?) of fruits and vegetables by season. Even better, it’s broken down by months- which is awesome because I now know September is totally about the raspberries.