Great news abounds these days. Austin’s beloved Cuvee Coffee is now in Boston! When Kait told me I made the kind of noise normally reserved for Bieber sightings. You see, it was Cuvee that lead me down the coffee-fiend path I find myself on today. During a visit to Austin last April their delightful blue bags caught my eye and their extraordinary coffee my heart- a Meritage cortado at Houndstooth blew away all I thought I knew about what coffee tasted like. A day later we headed out to a ranch in Spicewood for an early morning cupping with Cuvee owner Mike McKim and his amazing team and let’s just say the rest is history.

How appropriate it is, then, that 3 Little Figs be the cafe to bring this gem to the Northeast. A few blocks away from my first Boston home (and Kait’s last), 3 Little Figs has boldly embraced Cuvee as its first guest espresso. In a town where three roasters dominate (all of which are very good and deserving) the bean in blue is a breath of fresh air. Owners Andy and Katie Rooney have infused their little neighborhood cafe with the same joyful, inspired energy I felt that day in Spicewood. “There’s no reason coffee can’t be fun- that’s what our guest program is all about," Andy says. “We’ve established ourselves as a good coffee place and people trust us to lead them to good coffee." Although he admits it’s difficult to keep up with demand if the roaster isn’t regional (Cuvee retail bags have been flying off the shelves, as has their house coffee, Gimme!), Andy and barista Nick have enjoyed introducing their customers to something a little different. It was Nick, an Austin native, who turned Andy on to Cuvee. “At first it was tough to get people to try it," Andy says. “But we did a whole ‘Cuvee Day’ where we made it our house espresso and that really helped." 

Try it for yourself: 3 Little Figs is located at 278 Highland Avenue in Somerville. A full “Drinked and Dined" post is pending (because this place is pure love: from the people to the coffee to the French Toast muffins).

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