Today I bring you a very special Dishing, Blogger Edition. The blog is NBA Cookbook and it’s brand spankin’ new. Based on the Julie/Julia project, “head chef” Ananth Pandian and “sous chef” Tim Severson are cooking their way through an Ebay acquired vintage NBA cookbook library with some masterful Photoshoppin’ and contributions from other NBA bloggers/personalities along the way. As the cherry on top of this mash-up sundae, Ananth is my other half (often referred to here as “The Husband”), so this project means I finally get some help in the kitchen. Without further ado, let’s Dish.

HnS: What’s the first thing you learned to cook?

Ananth: Scrambled eggs with spices, when I was around 17.

HnS: Imagine you could go on the ultimate food pilgrimage, where would you go and what would you eat?

Ananth: I’d go to San Francisco and eat where ever you told me to.

HnS: Which culture has the best food?

Ananth: Asian, because it’s spicy with a lot of variety and you can eat similar dishes for all three meals of the day (if you wanted to).

HnS: If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your days, what would it be?

Ananth: Pizza, no contest.

HnS: That’s really male of you. Okay, what kind of food did your mother make?

Ananth: South Indian food, very traditional.

HnS: What do you dream of being able to make really well?

Ananth: Pad thai, the country kind with shrimp and chicken.

HnS: You have a dinner to thank everyone (famous or not, dead or alive), who has inspired you. Who’s at the table and what are you serving?

Ananth: You and our dogs, and I’m serving lasagna.

HnS: That’s it? No basketball players?!?

Ananth: Nope, since I don’t really know them. That’s all I want.

You can find Ananth over at the NBA Cookbook as well as Dime Magazine. He’s on Twitter every second of the day too: @Ananth_Pandian