If you follow Massachusetts Avenue past Back Bay, over the river, through Cambridge and Somerville, and even beyond Arlington the scenery will begin to change from dense, multi-use buildings to wide open lots and country homes. Sidewalks will disappear, lanes will narrow, and the road will wind along stone walls and stately trees. You’ll start to notice farm stands and flower patches, and that’s when you know you’re in Lexington. Now you’ve got to pay a little more attention, for if you blink you might not notice a little faded yellow building with three small store fronts. Nestled between a vacant realty school and a dry cleaners you will discover the Macaron Sweeterie

There are perfect French macaroons hanging in the windows (you’ll wonder whether they are real). You’ll enter a space that’s a beautiful mix of modern bakery, old world charm, and something else- something exotic (hinted at by Morrocan lamps hanging over the cash register) that you can’t quite put your finger on. Sella Abalian, interior designer turned macaron crafter and proprietress, will greet you. Sella sells her confections, which are as delicious as they are beautiful, along with gelato and espresso during store hours and gets to making them, with help from a local artisan, once the doors close. It is incredible to imagine a mere 500 square foot space with one large butcher block island producing such a variety of these challenging sweets. On her website Sella rightly boasts carrying “the widest assortment of macaron flavors in the Boston area”- the mere sight of them is enough to warrant the trip.

Your choices (all sandwiched between almond shells):  

  • almond
  • apricot jam
  • black currant
  • salted caramel
  • coconut
  • dark chocolate
  • espresso
  • honey lavender (Heart N’ Stomach’s pick)
  • lemon
  • passion fruit
  • pitaschio
  • raspberry jam
  • rose petal
  • vanilla

The Macaron Sweeterie has been open just over a year, and while the reception has been warm Sella has had to educate her customers on the unique nature of this confection: unlike cakes or cookies, they cannot be pulled out of the oven and sold right away. Once assembled each macaron is stored for twenty-four hours “to allow the flavor to develop.”

They are worth the wait.

The Macaron Sweeterie is open Tuesday through Friday from 12-6 PM and Saturday from 12-5 PM. It is located at 848 Massachusetts Avenue in Lexington, MA. You can also order online or visit them on Facebook.

Can’t get out to Lexington but want to taste the deliciousness for yourself? Our friends at Forty Winks of Harvard Square are celebrating the lingerie shop’s second birthday this Saturday, April 28th and will be serving, you guessed it, treats from Macaron Sweeterie! They have an awesome sale (buy 2 items and get 20% off) and didn’t even pay me to post this- I just love them and their shop that much! Best customer service in Boston and pretty underthings for your gorgeous self (or your gorgeous second half/booty call/whoever). Eat some French desserts in your French undies, that’s how I roll…

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