Drinked and Dined: A First Look at dwelltime

Dwelltime, Boston’s most buzzed about coffee place, officially opened today. Since the last time I was there was when they hosted the first Thursday Night Throwdown (video here and photos here), I drove over to Mid Cambridge bright and early to check it out, congratulate them, and, most importantly, drink some coffee. 

Dwelltime sets itself apart in a few ways. The circular bar, with plenty of seats to the left and the queue to the right, is perhaps most noticeable. There are two separate "stations": one for pour over and another for espresso. Bags of Barismo cover one wall (dwelltime is technically Barismo’s cafe/bakery outpost) and in the back gleams an exhibition-style kitchen. As of right now the full menu hasn’t launched- it’ll probably be a week or so before you can get sandwiches and the like but for now there are baked goods (the sticky buns and croissants were popular).

Despite a long line filled with curious locals, snap happy coffee pilgrims, and an annoying blogger (yours truly) veteran baristas Ethan Miller, Pete Cannon, and Tyler Farris kept everyone moving along. My husband’s pour over was smooth and balanced and my short cap (subbed for my normal cortado) was rich with just the right amount of cream and acidity. 

The environment is sure to make Cantabrigians feel right at home with a mix of historic charm (stately art, crimson walls, and exposed brick) and cutting edge ingenuity (a digital menu and the Luminaire Bravo-1, a robot arm looking contraption that’s actually a pour over water delivery system). “The neighborhood has not only been welcoming but enthusiastic," says dwelltime’s Israel Fridman. “I’m trying to engage as many people as I can and get feedback." 

From the chorus of “Oh! Coffee shop!" and “Yay, they’re open!" from passersby it looks like people will be plenty engaged. 

dwelltime (yep, lower case “d") is located at 364 Broadway in Mid-Cambridge (between Inman and Central Squares). They’re open 7 AM- 7PM Monday through Friday, 9-6 Saturday, and 10-6 Sunday. Follow developments at @dwelltime or dwelltimecambridge.com


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