Apparently Hickory Street used to suck. I would not know, I had never even heard of it until two of my former co-workers took jobs at the new version of the patio-heavy bar and grill.

I’ve dined at Hickory Street twice, and I recently drinked and dined. I took three buddies and we discovered two things: the margaritas are outrageous and the food is perfect. When we walked in, it felt as if we’d been going to Hickory Street every day for years. The patio is inviting and comfortable; the staff are friendly and laid back … really, what else do you need? Fried catfish tacos? Turkey salad sandwich with figs? Local beer? Watermelon ritas? Regular ritas? Tomatoes and burrata? Hickory-smoked lox bagel? Charred corn guacamole? GLUTEN-FREE FRIED CHICKEN? I’ll ask again, what the hell else do you need? If you need something else you are a needy needer who needs a lot.

I mean, I’m no restaurant critic, but I know good service when I get it and of all the freshly opened joints in ATX (I’m not naming any names), Hickory Street is killing it the hardest. It’s counter service during the day, table service at night and effortless service all the time.

I was too busy enjoying myself to take any silly pictures. But, there are some super sexy ones on their website.

Hickory Street is located at 800 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX. They have kick ass drink specials every day of the week, including all day happy hour on Wednesday, cheap beer buckets (or $22 bottles of bubbly) on Friday, and 1/2 off Sundays ‘til 3.*

*Godamnit- Crystal

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