D’Angelo’s sexy-time video is actually about collard greens

Remember this one, ladies? I know I do. This video, combined with Brad Pitt’s loins in Troy, um, ushered me in to womanhood. We all collectively pouted when D’Angelo disappeared in to obscurity but fear not- he’s back (albeit fully clothed and focused, rightly, on his music). In an excellent comeback profile for GQ, Amy Wallace gets the scope on the video’s real inspiration: “Paul Hunter, the director hired to make the video, says his work was misunderstood: ‘Most people think the Untitled video was about sex, but my direction was completely opposite of that. It was about his grandmother’s cooking.’ " 

Wallace suggests that given the actual lyrics Hunter’s creative vision might be a stretch, but sex and food share the umbrella of sensuality. What else inspires such strong emotions and feelings? Sounds like Hunter and D’Angelo got it:  

"When I used to sing in the choir," Hunter says, “after the rehearsal, you go in to eat. I remembered seeing the preacher looking at a lady’s skirt one week and then, the next Sunday, talking about how fornication is wrong." Such mixed messages about the pleasures of the flesh were intertwined with the pleasures of the palate—part of the same sensual stew. " So I was like, ‘Think of your grandmother’s greens, how it smelled in the kitchen. What did the yams and fried chicken taste like? That’s what I want you to express.’ "

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