If you’re headed to the kickoff of Food Truck Festivals of New England this Sunday (June 10th) you’re in for a treat. A deep fried, green, ball-shaped tweet. Before this gets too weird rest assured we’re talking food. The inventive siblings behind Mei Mei Street Kitchen, one of Boston’s beloved food trucks, have crafted the perfect honorary snack for a city in the midst of NBA Finals excitement. The Green Monster Ball (amazing) “is like an arancini with sage butter and local spinach, stuffed with Vermont hunters cheese," Mei Mei shared via Twitter. Catch ‘em while they (and their namesake) are hot. If you get your hands on some let us know! 

Find out more and follow Mei Mei via Twitter or their beautiful website. They are social media superstars as far as we’re concerned- always responding quickly to questions/comments, posting beautiful pictures, and keeping you in the loop via their awesome blog. Gold star! 

Photo via Mei Mei’s Instagram