Either it’s the winter or…well, it’s definitely the winter. I’ve been doing some hibernating lately, and not just here, but life in general. Thanks to my swell job in higher ed I’ve had the luxury of about two weeks of holiday vacation. Today, New Year’s Day, is the last day and all morning I’ve been reflecting on not just the past few weeks but 2012 overall.

It was a turbulent year. Busy, lots going on…sometimes too much. I started a new job (which I’m much better suited for but the pace is constant and sometimes overwhelming), officially entered an MBA program, got involved with Startup Weekend, and had a lot of great conversations (many of which are documented here, here, hereall here). A lot of my attention was directed outward, which was fun and exciting but sometimes mentally and physically exhausting. That focus served me throughout some family and home crises, focusing on new projects and experiences gave me space to breathe and move forward. Sometimes it’s better not to think too much, but to look to the horizon and push forward.

Now that the sun is setting over the horizon earlier and earlier, I’ve been forced to slow down a bit. A friend of mine once said she looks forward to winter for this very reason,  ”You get to focus on what matters,” she said. 

New beginnings are a re-focusing, a pivot away from one direction and toward another. As 2012 drew to a close I’ve been mindful of a quiet yearning nestled in the back of my mind: for simplicity and peace. So while I didn’t get dressed up or line up multiple parties (like last year) I did make some no-fuss Cocoa Brownies and found the delicious rose petal and hibiscus sparkling sake (Hana Hou Hou Shu) I sampled at Eat Boutique’s Winter Market.


Now that it’s officially 2013 I’m thinking that although the days may change this stillness I’ve found doesn’t have to. Any night I want I can turn everything off, hug my dogs a little tighter, and just stare out the window.


Happy New Year, everybody. Thank you for reading and talking and cooking and keeping all goods things going. I hope you can collect some moments for yourself, too.