Really, Eater can do no wrong. A quick scroll of their cities list is pretty much how we determine whether a city is worth a prolonged food pilgrimage (although Philly is missing, and as Crystal will soon tell that place has got it goin on), and they always keep us up to date on all the closing/openings worth knowing about, as well as cool pop ups like Boston’s RamenWatch. Lately we’re really loving their maps, which at first seem redundant but actually fill a void we didn’t know we had.

Their newest map, The Heater Eat Map, answers the question “where do I eat right now" and plots the moves of the restaurant/food obsessed in your city (ahem).  They promise it will “change continually to always highlight where the foodie crowds are flocking to at the moment." No further explanation of exactly how they plot these joints- we imagine some algorithm of Yelp/Twitter popularity, comments on their own stories, and general coolness radar.

A quick look at Boston and Austin’s  reveals an abbreviated version of what bascially amounts to our restaurant bookmarks- the kinds of places we stalk reviews of only to determine we better go, decide for ourselves (and tell you about).

Damn, now we’re hungry.