The SoWa Open Market has become a quintessential summer experience here in Boston. Where else can we get a hand-printed organic cotton turban and vintage nudie post cards while picking up locally grown veggies and hitting up all our favorite food trucks? No where.

To continue our Summer O’ Foodtruck, and expand it to the concept of mobile food in general, today I present Heart N’ Stomach’s Top 5 SoWa Picks of Summer (in no particular order):

1. Lefty’s Silver Cart
There’s a lot to love about Lefty’s. Full disclosure, I have a personal connection in that proprietor Phil and I were both tenants of the same pretty apartment in Somerville (he years before I). Least you think that clouds my judgement, let me list the objectively awesome aspects of Lefty’s: one, their font; two, they serve Stumptown coffee; three, their smoothie machine is bike powered; four, they offer free use of picnic blankets; five, awesome vintage breadbox hanging out on the counter; six, they claim to be “cheerful” and bygoneit, they totally are; seven, there is not one sandwich on their menu that isn’t appealing. Pictures are worth a  thousand words though, right? Well, check out the sexy sandwich I enjoyed Sunday, the Eggscellent (grilled egg and cheddar) with pesto:

2. Bon Me’s Drinks-Only Line

The best thing to happen in food trucks since the generator?! Maybe, especially when you’re walking around a cement lot on a hot summer day, fresh out of cash, with a dire thrist that only spicy ginger lemonade or Thai iced tea can cure. Not only does Bon Me, one of our go-to food trucks, accept Level-Up (so no cash required!) but they now have a drinks-only line. Childish thrill of line-cutting combined with instant gratification? You win, Bone Me.

3. The Cupcakory’s Double Lemon Cupcake
Truth be told, cupcakes aren’t really my thing. Well, they weren’t until I tried one of The Cupcakory’s creations. Their buttercream icing is the real deal, taking on a texture that would melt the any cynic’s heart. Plus, their cake is consistently moist and the size is just right for the $3 price tag. Double vanilla is a worthy go-to, but if you get the chance don’t miss Double Lemon (lemon cake with lemon icing, duh), the perfect not-too-sweet summer treat. Notice the potted plants hanging above your head and just give in already.

4. BBQ Smith’s Slawich
This part of the list actually goes in chronological order. I did indeed buy a Double Lemon cupcake and walk back to my husband to find this beauty in his hands:

Full though I was, what kind of BBQ loving fool could pass up a sandwich like that? Not this one. Available with chicken or pork, the Slawich is the perfect summer BBQ fix. For only $6 you get just enough sweet sauce to tenderize and flavor the meat but not enough to make the bread soggy, generous pickles to cut the smoky richness, and a whollop of crisp slaw for a refreshing crunch. BBQ Smith’s staff is delightful to boot, just look at them:

5. Slopeside Syrup

Who could refuse a spoonful of syrup from these guys? The Cochran brothers and two of their cousins produce the maple goodness in Richmond, Vermont, on the same piece of land their grandfather started a ski legacy on, hence the name Slopeside Syrup. Endearing stories and friendly faces are one thing, but I can say with all honesty that their medium amber syrup is the best I’ve ever tasted. In addition to appearing at SoWa they’ll ship anywhere and have a webstore coming soon. As they are quick to remind you, maple syrup is good for all kinds of things year round (sugar substitute and ice cream or yogurt topping being our favorite)- this is New England after all. Buddy would be proud.

Important: Please be sure to check out SoWa or the individual links above for schedule information, as not all vendors are at SoWa every weekend. In fact, most aren’t.

What are your SoWa picks? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter @HeartNStomach.