We bonded in over a sweet potato fry in 2007.

On one fateful Saturday while working in a slow, self-important “eco accessory” store (since closed) on Newbury Street in Boston and sipping soy matte lattes 
from Espresso Royale, Crystal became suddenly overcome by an intense craving for Trident Café’s sweet potato fries. A fellow insatiable eater, Kait’s interest was piqued. Crystal shortly returned with the sweet and salty, perfectly fried, never too soggy, never too crisp wonder-spuds, savoring each one and making “fatty sounds” in the moments she could no longer conceal her delight. Since Crystal was a new friend, Kait restrained herself from snatching a fry and focused the chat on something else. But as the pile shrank and Crystal showed no signs of sharing, Kait broke the poker face. 
“Can I have one?” Kait inquired.
“Oh, I wasn’t really planning on sharing. I was super hungry and, you know they’re mine,”  Crystal replied.
Kait struggled to hide her shock and decided to stand up against Crystal’s selfishness and for her right to eat fragrant, crunchy deliciousness consumed inches from her face. “I just want to try ONE. You can’t share one fry?”
“Well, I guess. In my family food was hoarded- I used to have to hide the Thin Mints behind ramen cases. Sorry.” Crystal apologetically forked over a tater and all was forgiven.
To this day, those were the best sweet potato fries either of us have tasted. We spent the rest of that shift (and the ones after) talking about food, drinks, “fatty noises”, and sharing. A friendship was formed and an appreciation of shared taste 
and experience deepened.
With Crystal in Boston and Kait in Austin, we initially wanted a way to continue to share our foodie/drinkie experiences (like food pilgrimages) and ideas (geek-outs and technique debates) with each other from across the country. Then we thought about all the people we already offer advice (unsolicited and otherwise) to and share tales with, and how great it would be to connect with those of you who, like us, grab life by the boudin balls. Eating, cooking, drinking- let’s celebrate life through the pleasures of  the heart and stomach.

PS- More on fatty sounds later