MaRketing strategy

We provide our clients with thoughtful insights, best practices we've tested firsthand, and detailed recommendations to keep you ahead of the curve in the ever-changing digital world. We can develop a full-on marketing plan with you or just sit down for a a quick consulting sessions.  

We have experience in the technology, consumer retail, health care, higher education, nonprofit, food/restaurant and arts/culture industries as well as B2B professional services and local government (seriously). We take the time to get to know you and your business or organization and deliver creativity and know-how with humor and openness. And occasionally the founder's MBA comes in handy...

social media

We'll find your people, manage your platforms, and bring your brand to life one status update, fav, retweet, "Like," pin (...okay...stopping now) or influencer at a time. 



We're passionate about engaging with your vision and helping others do the same.  We love creating campaigns, digital advertisements, blog content, social media graphics, and brand identities that capture attention and drive action.


public & media relations

We got our start as bloggers and writers, bringing a unique point of view to PR: that of the writer, the maker, and the audience. We "get it" and bring others in so they do, too.